Anqlave Trusted Ledger Database

ATLDB is an immutable database that preserves data privacy, while ensuring high data integrity and auditability. Its core is protected using the Anqlave Data Vault key management system.

What Is Anqlave Trusted Ledger Database?

ATLDB is an immutable database which cannot be manipulated by malicious users, owners or administrators. Such a database provides high data integrity and high auditability. These features are highly desirable when the objective is accurate recording of sensor inputs, demonstrating regulatory compliance or building accountable public service systems.

The quest to achieve an immutable database has motivated several established industry participants to look at the crypto-economics space for inspiration. Indeed, serializing transactions, making them part of a tamper-evident log and replicating that log across various organisations gives us a sense of database immutability. However, practical systems cannot be built while sacrificing data privacy and accountability.

With ATLDB, data is held privately within an accountable enterprise. Immutability is guaranteed by:

  • Maintaining serialised transactions in a tamper-evident ledger;
  • Returning digitally signed digests of transactions to users;
  • Periodically anchoring a zero-knowledge proof of all the received transactions to a public noticeboard.

Malicious behaviour by the accountable enterprise, such as non-inclusion of any acknowledged transaction in the ledger or manipulation of the ledger entries, are detectable by users during regular interaction or third-party auditors during periodic audits.

ATLDB Features


Trusted Ledger Database is a drop-in replacement for MongoDB 4.0 that has:

  • SQL-like API
  • Document-oriented data model
  • Transactional consistency and ACID semantics


Append-only ledger and periodic anchoring of zero-knowledge proof of ledger state to a public notice-board (APN) provides immutability

Easy to deploy

Easy to port existing applications


Support for personal data deletion

Use Cases

Banking & Finance
Financing Platforms

Transport & Logistics
Cold Chain Monitoring

Reputation Porting

Title Histories
Process Transparency

Supply Chain Traceability
Process Transparency

Medical Supply Traceability


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