Anqlave Cloud Protection

As enterprises rapidly embrace the cloud for collaboration and storage, data stored in the cloud has inadequate protection - this makes the data vulnerable to accidental or malicious exposure.

See how ACP can help your enterprise secure its data.

What Is Anqlave Cloud Protection?

ACP provides an easy-to-integrate, powerful, additional layer of fortification for data in the cloud.

  • Provides additional layer of protection to safeguard sensitive data in the cloud
  • Transparent protection of data in transit to cloud services
  • Data-at-rest protection
  • Flexibility to host the Key Management infrastructure on-premise or in the cloud
  • Supports encrypt, decrypt, signing and verification of any type of file
  • Share encrypted data with selected recipients

ACP Features

Advanced KMS

Backed by highly scalable, fault-tolerant Anqlave Data Vault that uses Intel SGX confidential computing hardware


Uses Advanced Encryption Standard, 256-bit (AES-256)

Sign & Verify

Uses RSA 4096 encryption algorithm

Secure File Sharing

Uses proprietary ADV SecureShare algorithm

Flexible Deployment

On-premise or cloud deployment, solution is cloud agnostic


Try out our beta of Anqlave Cloud File Protection on Google App Store.

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