Rooted in ground breaking scientific research

Anqlave's proprietary, institutional-grade data protection products address the most critical security and privacy issues we face today. Software alone cannot adequately protect data.

Just take a look on how we're solving those issues.

To grow a tree, we have to build strong roots. To build the most secure applications, we have to use hardware as the root.

Dr Shruti Tople
19 July 2018

Security Made Simple

Data at rest

Our products include a built-in key management system and encryption engine, that allow encryption of data before writing into a storage medium.

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Data in motion

All communication - in and out - is secured using TLS and HTTPS protocols.

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Data in use

Your data is protected when it is accessed or processed.
Anqlave uses encrypted memory enclaves to enforce that.

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Our Clients

Banks & Financial Services
Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Funds
Cloud Providers
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